Tutorial: Editing Music Videos w Avid Media Composer & PluralEyes

Videoguys is the proud sponsor of Kevin P. McAuliffe's Medai Composer 101 tutorials. In this tutorial he show us how to use Red Giant PluralEyex with Avid Media Composer for a super fast and efficient workflow. Great job Kevin! If you're not familiar with it, PluralEyes is an application specifically designed to analyze the audio of your camera "angles", and sync them up super quickly, to save you a ton of time in the edit room, as opposed to manually syncing everything together. In this lesson, I'm going to start out talking about important things you need to keep in mind when working with PluralEyes, then I'll show you the set-up inside of Media Composer, and how to get all your clips into PluralEyes, as the Media Composer workflow is a little different than the other NLE workflows, and then I'll show you how to quickly bring your newly synced footage back into Media Composer, and get it grouped for your multicamera edit. read more...

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