Tutorial: How to Produce Broadcast-Quality Events with the NewTek TriCaster 40, Part 2

Streaming Medai by Jan Ozer

This is the second of two tutorials demonstrating how to create a broadcast-quality live event with the NewTek TriCaster TC40, which was provided by this video’s sponsor, Videoguys.com. In the first tutorial, you learned how to select and configure the input. In this tutorial, you learn how to mix and stream the show itself.

The webinar I’m producing includes the following elements: full-screen video, picture-in-picture video, PowerPoint slides from a separate computer, full-screen and lower-third graphics, disk-based videos, pre- and post-show advertising and credits, transitions for all elements, and audio. In this tutorial, we’ll cover a few more interface elements and then run the show. Again, for more detail on the controls described here and how to configure them, see part 1 of this tutorial series on the TC40.

How to Switch the Show

During the show, I’ll switch between three primary elements: The full-screen video in Video 1, the picture-in-picture video in Virtual Input 1, and the PowerPoint video in Network Input 1 (Figure 1, below). (To see any of the images in this article at full size, just click on the image.)

Figure 1. The primary visual elements of our live show: full-screen video, PiP, and the PowerPoint.

I can switch via direct cut by clicking the input in the Program row (Figure 2, below), or by using the appropriate keyboard shortcut or key on the control surface. read more and watch the video...

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