Tutorials for Better Editing in Premiere Pro

by Jonny Elwyn If you’re looking to improve your editing in Adobe Premiere Pro then the following tutorials will serve you well. Not least, these 10 very useful shortcuts for Premiere Pro from ReTooled.net, whose tutorials are always worth a watch. Speaking of shortcuts Larry Jordan has a handy page detailing his 25 favourite editing shortcuts. For a round up of some even more obscure shortcuts, hit Strypes in Post’s shortcuts blog post here. Lately (circa Feb 2014) I’ve been editing in a few different places on Premiere Pro and it’s been doing a few flakey things – crashing, asking for sign in to the Creative Cloud every single time the app opens and a few other quirks. Anyway, every where I go Adobe’s eco-system doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of love. But on my home system everything seems to work just fine. So I don’t know why that is, but anything Adobe can do to stabilise things would improve a lot of people’s perceptions of the product. That said, one of the best thing’s I’ve learned about Premiere Pro lately is thanks to the good people at Mixing Light and it has truly transformed my day to day experience of the program. Until now my main beef with Premiere was how bad the three way colour corrector performed. Thanks to this trick from Mixing Light colorist Robbie Carman, those days are long gone. If you only look at one thing in this post, make sure it’s this! Colour Correction on the Premiere timeline is now perfect. read more and watch all the videos

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