Twenty Premiere Pro CS6 Power Tips for FCP Editors by Clay Asbury

These power tips are geared toward the FCP editor and will you get up to speed quickly with the nuances and new features in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6!

Maybe you’ve come to Adobe Creative Suite Production Premium from Final Cut Pro or Avid Media Composer. If so, you’ll want to take advantage of the new features found in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I myself am a switcher and a former Final Cut editor. Professional editors want a powerful, reliable app that can handle various workflows, and those new to editing want an NLE app that is easy to use and intuitive. In this article I’ll share some power user tips to make you more successful and comfortable with Premiere Pro.

1. Customize your keyboard shortcuts

Premiere Pro includes keyboard presets for Final Cut Pro and Media Composer. This way you aren’t having to learn all new shortcuts, so you can edit just as quickly as you did in the other apps. You can also modify the keyboard presets for functions that are specific to Premiere Pro. For example, I often send clips to Adobe Audition to remove noise, so I’ve mapped the Shift + A keystroke to “Edit Clip into Adobe Audition.”

2.Set up your Preferences before you start working

Just like FCP, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 assumes you are are going to tweak your preferences (default transition length, Autosave, etc.). You should set your preferences before you start working. Preferences I consider essential are Transition duration, Default scale to frame size, Auto Save, Memory & Trim. read more...

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