The Ultimate List of FREE Adobe Premiere Pro Tutorials, Blogs and Groups for 2017

Great job by the Premiere Bros putting this extensive list together. It's great to have links to all these phenomenal Premiere Pro resources in one place!


adobe February 20, 2017 THE ULTIMATE LIST OF FREE PREMIERE PRO TUTORIALS, BLOGS AND GROUPS FOR 2017 One of the best things about being a Premiere Pro user is the vast number of free resources available to us. Adobe Premiere Pro has a vibrant online community of users, and many of them are helpful contributors who offer tutorials and blog posts — all for free — to their Premiere Pro peers. Here are the top free Premiere Pro resources for 2017. Official Adobe Premiere Pro Resources Premiere Pro Tutorials Premiere Pro Blogs Premiere Pro Groups Paid Resources DISCLAIMER: While this is the most extensive list of Premiere Pro resources on the internet for 2017, this is by no means a completely comprehensive list. There are many other Premiere Pro resources, free and paid, not on this list. Those featured here were chosen by a very subjective process that was not immune to overlooking some valuable Premiere Pro resources. The selected Premiere Pro resources had to meet four general requirements; their Premiere Pro content must be: Free Original (not commentaries or summaries) Published on a consistent or regular basis A primary feature in the overall strategy of the content maker If you know of a Premiere Pro resource that meets these requirements and is not on this list, please suggest them in the comments section. Please support these free Premiere Pro resources by subscribing, liking and following them. OFFICIAL ADOBE PREMIERE PRO RESOURCES premiere-pro PREMIERE PRO BLOG PREMIERE PRO TUTORIALS PREMIERE PRO HELP PREMIERE PRO FORUM PREMIERE PRO CONTACT PREMIERE PRO FEATURE REQUEST/BUG REPORT Click here to read the full article on Premiere Bro

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