Unveiling the PTZOptics Hive Studio: Revolutionize Your Live Production

On this Videoguys Live, Gary is joined by Paul from PTZOptics to discover the future of live broadcasting with the all new PTZOptics Hive Studio. Dive into the world of seamless production as we introduce the innovative features and capabilities of the Hive Studio. Perfect for broadcasters, streamers, and AV enthusiasts!

Watch the full video below:

Professional Control for Everyone - Access your cameras from anywhere, anytime.

Introducing the simplest way to control all of your cameras from anywhere in the world. Experience our innovative studio interface that grants control across your entire camera lineup, all for an affordable price.

Effortless Setup & Fluid Integration - 
Sharing Made Simple

Instantly add your cameras with Auto-Discovery, universal software compatibility, personalized controls, and broad compatibility for a transformative camera control experience. Record any input and even export recordings to your favorite editing software.

Instant Collaboration:

Share A Link -Share a link and allow users to collaborate with in real-time. Or just invite a viewer to follow the action. Set expiring Studio access.

Assign Permissions & Cameras -Enable access for your entire production team with specific team roles, and assign cameras to separate operators.

Real-Time Synchronization -All sessions are synchronized in real-time so you all see the same action across all active sessions.

Intuitive controls for any experience level:

Easier & More Enjoyable -PTZOptics Hive Studio makes cinematic movements faster and more intuitive. Users can control more cameras at once with less training or experience.

All your cameras in one interface -No more juggling screens. Get a unified view of all your cameras and easily adjust camera settings on the fly.

Multiview -Create a control room that works with you. Choose between multi-view, or focus mode that perfect shot.

Advanced Auto-Tracking Features:

PTZOptics Hive Studio is our next generation of subject-tracking technology, enabling cameras to follow movement with an unprecedented level of accuracy and reliability.

Click to Track enables immediate selection of your tracking target, and the Hive technology seamlessly handles the tracking process!

Color Correction Tools with Color Matching:

Our platform's color tools are designed to provide standard color control that works seamlessly across camera makes and models, ensuring a cohesive look. Employ sophisticated color matching to synchronize multiple cameras, delivering a uniform color palette across your production.

Instant Image Adjustments -Access all of your camera’s settings instantly. Create image presets to quickly adapt your shot to any environment.

Adjustments -Access all image settings from your camera and adjustment them in in real-time. 

Image Presets -Instantly save and recall all your favorite image settings. Adjust for the environment in seconds.

Camera Sync -Sync settings across multiple cameras, and color balance easier than ever before.

Next Level Studio Management:

Multi-Studio Management -Oversee multiple studios or locations remotely through PTZOptics Hive Studio, a unified platform enhancing coordination and oversight.

Assign Team Roles -Grant your team instant access to camera settings, ensuring smooth collaboration, regardless of distance.

Manage Audio -Easily add and manage all audio devices in your workflow.

Set for Growth:

Organizations -Your Organization admin can create new users and manage their permissions.

Studios -Your team can access individual studios from any computer with internet access.

Users -All sessions are synchronized in real-time so you all see the same action across all active sessions.

Stop Issues Before They Happen:

Consolidate Monitoring -The Hive Studio provides a centralized view of real-time data on cameras, recordings, and output. A singular view of camera health makes monitoring easier and more convenient.

Simplify Troubleshooting -Whether there's a new firmware available, or if a source went offline, Iris proactively alerts customers with the status on all their cameras. No more guess and check - tell users what’s wrong, and alerts the relevant users before they need to go live.

Support for Your PTZ Cameras

AIDA, Aver, Bird-Dog, Bolin, Datavideo, JVC, Lumens, Marshall, NewTek, PTZOptics, SONY, Winsafe


PTZOptics cameras come linked to the Hive so they can instantly connect out of the box.

Free Software

Other PTZ cameras can be easily connected with our free control software.

What is Hive-Linked?

Link PTZOptics Camera Once. Connected Forever.


Hive-Linked cameras can be connected anytime its plugged in to a network (no computer or hardware required). After a one time link to an account, user’s can control their cameras anytime, anywhere.

A true “Plug & Play” experience.

Hive Studio is the keystone of the PTZOptics ecosystem, offering a centralized platform that enhances the functionality of PTZOptics cameras.

Cinematic Movements

Automate complex movements with a click. Hive makes cinematic movements faster and more intuitive.


Customize your Keyboard -Configure any feature in Hive Studio and assign them to your keyboard and mouse. All your settings are saved to your user profile.

Connect Your Controller -Coming soon, you can plug in a USB Gamepad or PTZ controller and they work as a hardware companion.

Centralized Monitoring:

Real-time data, diagnostics, and alerts.

Receive real-time data on all your connected cameras, audio, recording, and output.

Get notified in real-time and eliminate the guesswork. Fix the problem before you go live.

Source status alerts and actionable prompts synthesize your more important priorities into a heads-up display.



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