Using Atomos Cloud Connect to Augment Video Production

Having built a solid reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative production devices, Atomos recently introduced a powerful new collection of complementary, cloud-based video production services under the umbrella term Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS). Paul Scurrell, Senior VP, Product, explains all.

ACS is the Cloud Service component of the new ATOMOS CONNECT range: Zato CONNECT, ATOMOS CONNECT FOR Ninja V and Ninja V+ and Shogun CONNECT. It transforms the feature set of each CONNECT product and will probably change the way you work forever. With a CONNECT device and ACS, you’ll be able to collaborate in real time, stream to a range of social platforms, and produce multicamera shows from a virtual control room.

The CONNECT range with ACS features all the tools for monitoring and recording that you’re likely to need in a modern mobile production, together with a whole new, versatile world of cloud services and instantly available workflows. All without a change to the footprint of the hardware.

Watch the full video below:


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