Using Avid FX or Boris FX Engine for Avid Media Composer

Genious DV by John

All retail versions of Avid Media Composer ship with a program called Avid FX. When you see Avid FX think Boris FX, that’s because it’s the same exact program.

I’ll warn you, if you plan on regularly using the Avid FX plugin, you’ll want to make sure that you have a beefy machine with plenty of RAM. Avid FX is much more than a software plugin, it’s an entire compositing program. When it comes to building complex effects Avid FX is extremely useful.

However, one issue you may run into is the amount of time it takes to create good looking composites. Plus, the rendering time can be extremely long. The saving grace is that you can run Avid FX as a stand alone engine.

This means you can build your entire animation on another computer. I’ve found this process can actually save a lot of time, especially since you don’t need to tie up your Media Composer software while building your effects sequence. Plus, the Avid FX engine will run much master outside of the Media Composer software. Running the Avid FX as a plugin while Media Composer is running is a big drain on your system’s resources. read more...

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