Using Frame Buffer Animations with TriCaster

JustBuffersNewTek is not only the maker of the NewTek Tricaster, their website is also a fantastic source for tips and tricks about live production. Many of the tips are general and can be used by anyone, others, like this one, are specific to getting the most out of your TriCaster. Great information for those looking into purchasing or who already own or operate a TriCaster.

TriCaster Frame Buffer Animations offer a lot of power, and folks have a lot of questions about how to put that power into production. Let’s take a look at some of the questions people have, and share a tip on one of the lesser known abilities you can use to make compelling production content.

What are Frame Buffer Animations? Frame Buffer Animations are animated effects compiled from your own clips using the supplied Animation Store Creator application that comes pre-installed on your TriCaster Pro Line model. These animated effects can be applied in any video channel, including all main Switcher and Mix/Effects rows, or as overlays in the numerous DSK and Key channels. These are available on TriCaster models 460, 860 and 8000.

17 TriCaster Pro Line Live Operation Part 1 from NewTek on Vimeo.

Frame Buffer Animations come in two types: • Looping Effect: the animation loops endlessly (perfect for bugs, station IDs, etc.) • “Alert” or Run-Once: the animation will auto-run once when displayed.

These effects are resident in reserved Switcher Memory, making it possible to use them all at once without tying up Media Players. They are also available instantly – there is no wait time to load. Buffers can effectively take the place of many additional Digital Disk Recorders (DDRs). read more...

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