Using Photokey 7 Pro to Create Composite Backgrounds

Photokey 7 Pro expert, Erin Patel, over at FXHome blog has written an exposé on creating composite backgrounds. Gain pro tips on how to compose and put together multiple images for a striking finished product.

A bit of background about creating backgrounds

FXHome blog by Erin Patel ...For my recent commission of building the imagery for PhotoKey 7 Pro I was tasked with the challenge of creating over 100 visually consistent composite images that adopted specifically themed aesthetics from the PhotoKey Template packs. This proved to be one of my most enjoyable commissions to date and was a real creative challenge. Taking me all over the world, I climbed freezing mountains, explored abandoned gold mines, got stranded in deserts and sustained several pretty nasty injuries – all in the name of image making! A less painful result of the project is that it forced me to question (over 100 times) what makes a perfect location for a green screen background. Is it to do with drama and visual impact? Is it rated by how useful and versatile the image is to a commercial photographer or is it more about the creative potential it offers an image maker? Quite honestly, all of the above and lots more have to be factored in when you are thinking about creating a background image. A background image acts as a foundation upon which to add further elements of your composite and knowing your background ahead of time is crucial to the studio side of the compositing process. It influences the composition, lighting, colour balance and tone of the foreground and ultimately can drive the aesthetic of the whole piece. There are five photographic elements that are key when creating a great background....[continue reading]
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