Using Premiere Pro to Sync Dual System Audio
Adobe Premiere Pro makes syncing separately recorded audio simple and fast. Get advanced editing techniques in the tutorial below and start improving your workflow now.

Syncing Dual System Audio in Premiere Pro

PREMIEREPRO.NET BLOG BY JARLE LEIRPOLL Learn how the Multi-Camera feature in Premiere works much better for syncing dual system sound than the old Merge Clips feature. Separately recorded audio can be automatically synced to your video using Audio, Time Code, In/Out points or Markers. Merge Clips requires you to know what clips belong together, it’s slow, it messes with the way my favorite shortcuts Q and W work, and it makes linking back to the original files a bit of a mess. Using Multi-Camera auto-syncing instead, I don’t need to know what clips belong together, it’s much faster, I can still use Q and W as I normally do, and I can get the original files back with a right-click. Automatic, fast and easy. Watch the video tutorial ...
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