Using robotic cameras versus traditional cameras interview
Pan-tilt-zoom robotic cameras are becoming more common in video productions. They have their advantages, as this interview reveals, such as using presets and being able to access to multiple cameras simultaneously.

Operating Robotic Cameras VS Traditional Cameras

LiveProductionBlog Eviana is a talented camera operator, and volunteered at the 2016 NAMM Show. She had not prior experience with robotic camera systems.Pan-tilt-zoom cameras are becoming more common in video productions, often replacing crew members with their low profile and cost. Are PTZ cameras difficult to use compared to traditional cameras? Datavideo interviewed Eviana Vergara, a remote camera operator who recently did some excellent camera work at the 2016 NAMM Show. There, she operated four Datavideo PTC-150 HD PTZ Cameras using the Datavideo RMC-180 Camera Controller. What was some of your prior experience before this shoot? I got the amazing opportunity to volunteer for the NAMM show with the crew from Datavideo to help out behind the scenes with the help of some of their equipment.I had worked on live events in the past as a camera operator, one being for the world cup of softball in Irvine this past summer. How was your experience operating a camera controller different from operating a traditional camera at for a live show? At the NAMM show, I had an entirely different experience...[continue reading]
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