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Post by Randi Altman

As Greg Grusby, from Industrial Light & Magic, succinctly points out: social media is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

More and more, people are finding companies via social media networks rather than in more traditional ways, whether it’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, or others. Some companies, like Kevin Otterness’ Posthouse Pictures, are now using their Facebook pages in lieu of a company Website.

All of the pros we spoke to for this piece agree: the interactivity you get, the conversations you start, or are a part of, are invaluable to their businesses.

Walnut Creek, CA-based OneRiver Media ( offers production and post production services, including shooting, editing, visual effects, 3D and audio, for high-end corporate, medical and commercial work.

“Sometimes we are just doing visual effects for a project being produced elsewhere, other times we are doing entire project fulfillment from preproduction to the musical score and final deployment,” reports owner Marco Solorio (@OneRiverMedia), adding that the facility also creates its own content.

OneRiver Media first dipped its toes in the social media water with a Facebook page ( Solorio embraced Twitter a bit later than others, he admits, but once he did, he loved it, seeing it as a way to share information as opposed to bringing in new customers. “For me, the social media aspect is more just outreach with colleagues and those who are in the industry, offering tips and tricks and behind-the-scenes glimpses.”
In addition to sharing his own experiences, Solorio finds Twitter to be a great resource for learning from others as well. He offers up this example involving DaVinci Resolve: “There is a lot of stuff you can do to the GPU cards to accelerate it, and a Twitter friend of mine, Juan Salvo, a professional colorist in New York, would go back and forth with me. I’d ask him about graphics cards and how he’s stacking them. Another person might give info about one thing, and someone else will give it about another aspect. It’s this cool circle of free tech support for everybody,” he laughs. read more...

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