The Covid-19 pandemic has called for a great influx of live streaming, but one of the most pressing causes is to keep the public informed. Information needs to spread quickly, and be packaged correctly so the audience listens. The Epiphan Pearl line of switchers, is a great tool to do this.

Organizations like Ottawa public health have been streaming more and more to keep information flowing during the Corona Virus pandemic to their local communities.  

With the Epiphan Pearl-2 many organizations have been able to stream town meetings, infromational events and public announcements in an engaging and sophisticated way.  

Technical briefings and town hall meetings are a little more complicated than a media availability or a public health update. It can take up to six laptops to live stream those events. In a typical setup, one laptop runs the Zoom meeting, and another two run the English and French and sign language interpreters. We use a fourth laptop to monitor the two YouTube streams and to communicate with the Media Relations team. If presentations and graphics are involved, we add two more laptops.

We also work with Rogers Communications during some town halls and media availabilities. We tap into their feed, or they tap into ours, depending on who's leading that event.

We feed each laptop into an encoder called Pearl-2, which takes the input from the laptops and lets us customize how the images from each are displayed on-screen for people watching on YouTube.


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Epiphan Pearl 2 Base
Epiphan Pearl Mini Live Production System