Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts for Video Transitions in Final Cut Pro


In Final Cut Pro there are keyboard shortcuts you can use for adding your favorite transitions to any edit point. Not aware of these? Then stand by Laddie, you're in for a treat. Let's start with basics first.

We all know that there is a shortcut to add a single Default Video Transition, right? Select an edit in the timeline and press CMD + T. You've now added FCP's "Default Transition". By default, it is a 1:00 Cross Dissolve.

You also probably know that you can change the default transition by going to the Effects Tab then to the Transitions Bin and right clicking on a new transition to select "Set as Default Transition". Great, right? But what if you wanted to have quick access to a handful of transitions you happen to use over and over in a particular show? A 10 frame dissolve an 8 frame camera flash with keyboard shortcuts? There is a way, my friend. There is a way. read more...

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