VEGAS Pro 15 Key New Features

vegas-pro-15-guideBy Jeremiah Karpowicz More features and more user freedom is what the new VEGAS Pro 15 has in store. Just like with any new release for a software, VEGAS Pro 15 promises to further what VEGAS Pro 14 was doing by enabling users more freedom customize their work space. Along with that VEGAS Pro 15 has made improvements across the board. An enhanced user interface, hardware improvements and an approach made towards having complete flexibility for any user. Global Brand Manager for VEGAS Pro Gary Rebholz made it a top priority to reach out to their users and find out what they are looking for in their editing software. Rebholz seems to have made good on that approach and took everything into consideration and put it into VEGAS Pro 15.

“One of the first things I did after everything was settled with the ownership situation was reach out to the community to ask what they would like us to do next,” said Rebholz. “The response was stunningly overwhelming. We received literally hundreds of replies. VEGAS Pro 15 ticks a number of highly demanded tasks off the list those users have given us. Our customers have given us an incredible roadmap.”

Different people wanted different things, so it became imperative to provide those users with options. VEGAS Pro 15 is set to strike a balance in terms of giving people the options to adjust and customize their interface, but not have those options come at the expense of functionality.


“Basically what we’ve done is drastically cut down on the number of buttons and controls you see by default in the interface by loading them into these “hamburger” menus,” Rebholz continued. “This dramatically reduces UI clutter. Any button or control that’s no longer shown by default can be easily accessed through the hamburger menu. But it doesn’t end there. Because we know we can’t pick the perfect button set for each individual customer, the “hamburger” menu is completely customizable. If, for example, you don’t like the fact that we’ve hidden the Invert Phase button by default on audio track headers, it’s a simple matter for you to change your personal defaults so that it is always visible.”

With VEGAS Pro 14, the development team wanted to bring the focus directly back to the user, and VEGAS Pro 15 is designed to carry that concept even further. Several UI changes have been made that should make the software even easier to learn and use, while also making editors more efficient. VEGAS Pro has placed renewed importance on leveraging hardware technologies for faster decoding and rendering, and they’re set to continue to make improvements in the hardware acceleration area....[continue reading]

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