Vegas Pro 15 Reviewed as NLE Reborn

Here's a glowing review of NLE software editing favorite, Vegas Pro 15. If you are looking for non-subscription based video editing software, you'll definitely want to check out Vegas Pro 15. The upgraded interface is clean and logical, making your editing process a breeze. Check out the full article for details:

From RedSharkNews

vegas pro 15 reviewed...Vegas Pro 15 is a major upgrade of the non-linear editing program I have used professionally for more than 15 years. I rely on Vegas Pro on a daily basis because it remains the fastest way to get from an idea to a finished video. This is the second version of Vegas Pro to come from the Magix stable and I was very keen to see how the team at Magix had handled the numerous requests and suggestions from users on the Forum.

New user interface

Vegas has always had a different look to most other NLEs on the market, which partly reflects the fact that it has always relied on the underlying Windows architecture. This is a strong selling point because it means you’re working within a very familiar paradigm with a very straightforward learning curve. Most other NLEs operate on a model essentially derived from the old days of tape-to-tape editing. Premiere started out on the Mac, then was ported across to the PC, then back to the Mac as Final Cut. Edius operates in a similar way, as does Avid. Each of the many NLEs on the market, including Pinnacle Studio, Corel Video Studio, Magix Video Pro X and so on each have their own distinctive user interface. This means that although the overall aim is the same, the tools required are specific to each NLE and you’ll have to search them out in order to gain familiarity....[continue reading]

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