VEGAS Pro reviewed: Still one of the fastest NLEs

Heath McKnight from Red Shark News recently did a fantastic review for Magix' brand new Vegas Pro! 

But first, some history is in order. Vegas Pro was first introduced back in 1999 with Sony. It quickly gained a cult following (including me). Magix has since taken up the mantle and they have not stop in making fantastic ways to help innovate not just the software, but also the way we edit. 

"Opening VEGAS Pro was like seeing an old friend. Although I edit with Final Cut Pro X, about 15 years ago, I was introduced to NLE by a colleague of mine, Douglas Spotted Eagle, as we were writing the second edition of his famous HDV book. I enjoyed the UI and versatility of VEGAS, and was able to successfully convince two friends to make it their NLE of choice." -Heath McKnight (Red Shark News)

Vegas Pro is optimized for a Windows 10 computer with an accelerated GPU. Any editing software needs to be made with the mindset of making your job easier. So if the software can't handle 6K RAW of simple HDR, then the software isn't what your want. 

Luckily Vegas is exactly that: a fest NLE that can mix with multiple tracks of video and audio with hi-res clips. If something needs to get done quick, there is no beating Vegas Pro. 

Features include:

  • Support multiple frame rates
  • Support multiple video resolutions
  • Color grading
  • effects
  • Nesting timelines
  • LUT export
  • And more

"It's interesting that you can import projects from other file formats and NLEs, which includes Premiere Pro, After Effects, Final Cut Pro X (and 7), AAF, and more. AAF and and EDL are very successful file formats, but FCPXML tends to be tougher to translate. An editor friend of mine mentioned that DaVinci Resolve is the only NLE that best supports FCPXML." - McKnight

One of my personal favorite aspects of Vegas Post is how there no other software needed outside of what that package offers. Out of all the NLE's or suites out there, Vegas is by far my favorite for that reason. And keeping everything within the same suite just accelerates my output significantly with tight deadlines. 

Speed Test: Vegas Pro 17

Vegas Pro 17 is stunningly fast handling. According to McKnight, the program easily handled RED Monstro 8K VV footage running at 48fps. 

What's interesting is the Vegas timeline drops the resolution down to 2K. Because of this, even adding effects did not slow down the NLE whatsoever. Compared to Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro on an iMac, both of those were struggling to scrub and play the footage back. 

Speed Test: Vegas Pro 18

Magix has recently announced a brand new version of the NLE with Vegas Pro 18 and an updated Vegas Post suite. This is done in conjunction with their new partnership with FXHome.

Here are some of the new features:

  • GPU-accelerated video editing, so your system doesn’t slow to a crawl while scrubbing.
  • VEGAS Image (updated): Non-destructive image editing.
  • VEGAS Effects (updated): Over 800 customizable effects and filters.
  • Improved motion tracking.
  • SOUND FORGE 14 is included, with its multichannel audio editing.
  • VEGAS Hub: Centralized, cloud-based storage for your media.
  • VEGAS Prepare: Efficiently organize and tag your media.
  • VEGAS Transfer: Moves your mobile device images and video to the cloud.

In the End

McKnight puts it best: "VEGAS Pro is still a fast NLE that really handled video editing perfectly, even when I added a clip of RED MONSTRO 8K VV R3D footage."

I'd certainly consider switching over to this amazing suite for those now editing with 8K footage. 

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