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Hasraf (HaZ) Dullul is a well-known visual effects supervisor in the motion picture industry. He began his career in video games and computer-generated sequences before moving into visual effects and compositing for feature films. As a visual effects supervisor and lead compositor, he’s worked on well-known films such as The Dark Knight and Hell Boy II, as well as several commercials and broadcast series for clients such as Discovery and The History Channel. He has also been nominated for several Visual Effects Society (VES) awards.

In 2012, he released his directorial debut short film: "Fubar Redux," which screened at several festivals, including Cannes Short Film Corner 2012. His newest short film is "Project Kronos," released on Vimeo, which he’s created entirely on a laptop with the video tools in Adobe Creative Cloud. The sci-fi documentary focuses on an intricate mission to enable interstellar space travel. We had the chance to sit down with him to share his experiences.

Adobe: Tell us about your first short film, "Fubar Redux?"

HaZ: I’ve always worked on my own projects on the side, and short films give me the opportunity to do things that I don’t get to do in my usual job. Fubar Redux was my first actual short film with a full story. I didn’t want to work with the usual film set, cameras, actors etc., so I decided to tell the story driven by the visual effects/animation style, without any 3D animation or expensive CGI work. I looked at a style called motion comics and decided to take that further with 2.5D. I took some pictures of my cats and miniature military model toys I collected over the years, and then composited and animated them to created sequences in a compositing environment. It was an action packed film that got some recognition and from there I really got the bug to make short films. With "Project Kronos," I wanted to show that I could shoot and tell a story with live action. read more...

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