Video Data Rates - 4K and above

VV4KdatafinalVashi of VashiVisuals has put together a great article on data rates for 4K and higher camera formats. This is super valuable information for those looking inot 4K workflows. To do the job right requires a ton of super-fast reliabe storage. ProRes 4444 4K requires over 500 GB per hour. That mean's a hundred hours of 4k video could require over 50TB of footage!
By VashiVisuals Today, Apple released a new video codec into the filmmaking post production world. It’s called ProRes 4444 XQ and it’s a mother-scratching beast. At 4K (4096 x 2160) it registers 1697 Mbps which equals 764 GB/hour of 4K video footage. A single camera large Hollywood production can often shoot 100 hours of footage. That’s 76 TB of 4K ProRes 4444 XQ footage. The upcoming David Fincher film GONE GIRL crept up on 500 hours of raw footage during its multi camera 6K RED Dragon production. That equates to roughly 315 TB of RED 6K (4:1) footage. Shit just got real for data management and post production workflows. It’s time to embrace the madness! read more...

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