Video Editing?? Here 5 tips for you


Since the mid-1990's, video production and film making have undergone vast changes due to technological improvements in delivery mediums, quality and the size of cameras. Although video has been a very democratic process since the late 1970's and the VHS vs. Beta days, it is really something everyone can do with a cheap Flip camera or their cell phone. But just because all of us have a video camera does not mean we can professionally record events. It is not as easy as it looks and it is a craft that takes years to become proficient at. Especially video editing. Once you record that great video, how do you make it look good and entertaining.

Here are a few tips:

1. Always use a tripod. Get off of the tripod when it makes sense to do so. The rave is YouTube like videos that trigger earthquake sensations, but do you really want your audience to vomit or do you want them to laugh, cry or simply enjoy what you have produced? A tripod is made for a reason…steady shots. Let the tripod do it’s job. Lock your shot down, pan and tilt when necessary such as following a person. When video editing, this will help you make clean edits.

2. When editing, try to use instrumental music for most of the program. That way the lyrics or vocals from the performer don’t clash with someone speaking on-camera or even signing. Use vocals for parts of your video where there is no dialogue. And try to edit to the beat of the music. By this I mean, change your shots on each beat or every other. read more...

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