Video Editing Systems Wish List for 2014

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Today's blog is a 'wish list' of things I'd like to see in the coming year. But first, let me be thankful for those things that I wished for last year and are now part of the core editing product.

Last year in the blog Video Editing Systems Wish List for 2013, I wished for waveforms that are drawn in the background as well as Enhanced Audio Rubber-Banding. These features have now been added and I look forward to even more cool features to be added.

Although most of these items pertain to the Avid Media Composer editing system, some of them apply to Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro as well.

  • I have never been a huge fan of the interface for Motion Effects in the Avid Editing System. I have always wished it worked more like the Adobe After Effects Time Remapping interface, which works more intuitively.
  • It might be time to overhaul the Avid Title Tool - it seems very neglected. I know there are other options in the Avid Media Composer such as Avid FX, Avid Marquee (also in need of attention) and New Blue Titler Pro, but it would be nice to have a more useful internal title tool. read more...

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