Videomaker by Chuck Peters

Today’s video editing applications like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer and Sony Vegas are affordable, accessible and incredibly powerful tools for video postproduction. Video editing programs like these let you do way more than just edit video clips together. They allow you to turn ordinary edits into polished, professional video productions. These 5 tips will help you UP your editing power.

1) Color Correction & Effects
There was a time not so long ago when video color correction was a luxury that was only accessible to top-of-the-totem pole television and video producers. Everyone else did their best to capture the best color they could in the camera. This meant setting the camera’s exposure properly for the scene, and occasionally shooting through physical lens filters to add color to a sunset or to simulate the darkness of night. These days, color correction is accessible to anyone who has a decent video editing software app like Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas. As a result, video editors have discovered that almost every clip can benefit from at least a small amount of color correction. Whether you’re crushing the blacks, boosting the mids or honing the highlights, color correction is something that you should do, and something that is best done in your video editing software application.

2) Speed Effects
Increasing or decreasing the speed of your video footage to create slow motion, fast motion, a quick combination of the two to make a speed ramp, even reversing footage as a comedic device or to simulate turning back time, can all be very cool elements in your videos. Effects like these were very difficult to create a few years ago. Smooth slow motion, for instance, required a special and expensive VTR. Today, the best way to pull them off is on your video editing timeline. Speed tools allow you to simply keystroke in a percentage to increase or decrease the speed of a video clip, select a constant or variable speed setting and render out your speed enhanced footage in a few seconds. If you feel the need for speed, try it out. With your video editing software application, speed effects are faster and easier than you might think. read more...

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