What Video Editors Need to Know About Adobe's 2016 Updates

Big updates this year for Adobe Creative Cloud software. This article is for video editors in particular, using Premiere Pro and After Effects. The author predicts these updates will be released sometime in mid-to-late Summer. Be sure to check out our Videoguys resources for Adobe Editors:

What Adobe’s 2016 Update Means for Video Editors

Rocketstock.com by Caleb Ward Adobe-Video-Updates-blogAdobe’s new updates have huge implications for video editors. Here’s what you need to know. Every year at NAB, Adobe releases a few really big updates for their lines of video editing software. Last year’s big update was the Lumetri color panel in Premiere. This year, however, Adobe has diversified their video offering with a lot of interesting video updates that will likely get a lot of video professionals excited. Here’s a few updates that you should know about:

1. You Don’t Have to Make Proxies By Hand

If you’re not already familiar with the term, a proxy is a low-resolution copy of your source footage that can easily be edited on your machine. After you’ve edited your sequence with the low-res proxy, you can replace it with the original file once you’re done. Up until this point, creating low-res proxies in Premiere Pro was kind of a pain. Essentially the workflow went something like this:
  1. Import your original footage.
  2. Export copies of each clip in media encoder.
  3. Edit your proxy clips.
  4. Offline your proxy clips.
  5. Replace the proxy clips with the originals.
  6. Export your footage.
For obvious reasons, this workflow isn’t ideal. However, as high-res 4K, 6K, and even 8K footage become normalized in the industry, Adobe has created a more automated proxy workflow for video editors. Using the new proxy workflow in Premiere, editors can select a Generate Proxies on Ingest setting in Premiere that will automatically fire up Media Encoder when new clips are imported. As soon as your new proxy clip is done exporting, it will automatically replace your full-res clip in your project. Once you’re done editing your project, Adobe promises to make replacing your proxy files “easy.” This new proxy workflow is surely going to give video editors and professional filmmakers alike more opportunities to focus on creative editing — versus waiting on their computers...[continue reading]

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