Video Production for Beginners

ProductionHub by Jessica Nin

Getting started with video production is a daunting task, particularly if you simply have no idea where to begin! Here at Skeleton Productions, we have helped many young producers develop their craft, as well as learn something about it ourselves along the way. In this article therefore, we have compiled some useful tips for budding video producers.

* Learn the Art
It may sound obvious, but to have any chance of succeeding in this competitive industry, you really need to know and love your craft. Watch and analyse other productions and see what you can learn from them. Video production involves many elements – lighting techniques, camera angles, sound production and more – and analysing existing content can help you better understand these aspects.

* Practice Makes Perfect!
No one is born a great producer. Like any other art, it is a craft that must be practiced, perfected and honed to a point Once you’ve got a grasp on the aforementioned elements that go into video production, you need to put them into practice with your own amateur footage. From here, you can then decide on what area it is you are really passionate about. You may realise that you are a born editor, or perhaps you fall in love with cinematography. Find your niche and work on that.

* Create a Showreel
Right. So you’ve got your head round the many components of video production, and you’ve found your speciality. Now it’s time to get all that together and create showreel to get you a job! Try and show a diverse range of your video capabilities and cover a range of formats – talking heads, dramas, documentaries etc.
Now that you’ve established a broad sense of video production, we can talk about some common pitfalls many video production beginners fall in to... read more...

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