Software suite flexes new muscle, collectively and as individual programs. By Frank McMahon Aug 1, 2004 After Effects GUI Above are some of the 250 new text animation presets that ship with After Effects 6.5 in the new version of the Adobe Video Collection. Adobe introduces an update to its Video Collection, bumping it up to version 2.5. The bundle now includes Premiere Pro 1.5, After Effects 6.5, Audition 1.5, Encore DVD 1.5, and Photoshop CS. Adobe has always stressed the integration among its various products — in fact, this collection of video software has been available for a few years now. But only in the past year has Adobe really tried to weld its disparate software elements into single-unit suites, most notably with the recent Photoshop-anchored Creative Suite (CS). Like Adobe CS, the Video Collection is now updated as a group. It's quite a bargain to upgrade Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and Encore DVD for only $249, especially with the generous sprinkling of new features and streamlined interfaces. So what's new? Read the article at

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