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Videoguys and Videomaker: Upgrade your livestream w/ PTZs, Cellular Bonding, Multiple Cameras and More

On a recent virtual event hosted by Videomaker, Videoguys joined a list of knowledgeable guests, and was able to speak as a resource regarding live streaming with multi camera systems like the RGBlink mini+, the Yololiv YoloBox, the LiveU Solo and more.  

The event was a great source for more information on streaming and live production techniques, check out our presentation below. 

"Jim Bask from introduces some of the newest tools available today including a live demo of the YoloBox and RGBlink mini+ switcher with PTZ camera control. Learn how multiple cameras, PTZ cameras and cellular bonding can all upgrade your productions and allow you to connect even better with your audience. We will travel virtually from classrooms, to churches, to corporate boardrooms, to vlogger studios and more."

Learn more about these devices HERE. 

Check out the full article from HERE.


Live webinarLiveu soloRgblinkRgblink mini+VideomakerYoloboxYololiv

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