Videoguys’ Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Bundles - Feb ‘09 update

We've just updated all our Final Cut Studio 2 Bundles. The prices are lower than ever before - and we're still including our Videoguys' Bonus Pack with every bundle! This Bonus Pack includes more than $100 in training including:

- VASST Tutorial DVDs - Absolute Training for Final Cut Studio Volumes 1 & 2 - $99.95 Value
- VASST Book - "The Full HD Book - Fully Focused on High Definition" - $24.95 Value

If you're looking for Final Cut Studio 2 you can’t afford to miss out on these great deals and the savings. We've bundled Apple's award-winning software suite with the most popular hardware solutions and software add-ons available for the mac including:

  • Matrox MXO & the brand new MXO 2
  • G-Tech Storage Solutions including the G-RAID 2, G-RAID 3 and the G-SPEEDeS
  • Focus Direct-to-Edit disk recorders including the FS4Pro HD, the FS-100 for Panasonic P2 cameras and the newer and lighter FS5
  • Bella EZ Keyboards with integrated jog/shuttle
  • Boris Continuum Complete Final Cut Plug-ins
  • Motu V4HD production unit
  • BlackMagic Intensity Pro hardware
  • and TeleStream's Flip4Mac software

If you don't see the exact bundle you're looking for, give us a call at 800-323-2325 and let our knowledgeable techs create a custom bundle just for you!

Videoguys' Apple Final Cut Studio 2 Bundles - Feb '09 update

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