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Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 Crossgrade Special
Now only $299 for a limited time

Grass Valley has just released the latest version of EDIUS. EDIUS Pro 6.5 incorporates 10-bit color correction, a new Flash exporter, and several improvements to the Layouter tool, native image stabilization, a built-in loudness meter, and closed-caption pass-through support. EDIUS Pro 6.5 boasts a comprehensive 3D workflow, complete with 3D stereoscopic editing tools and new 3D support across its editing peripherals. No other NLE gives you so much versatility combined with sheer speed of editing. EDIUS Pro 6.5, by Grass Valley, supports real-time editing of all popular standard-definition (SD) and high definition (HD) formats. Edit anything.

Crossgrade from any video editing software from Apple, Avid, Adobe, Sony, or Pinnacle to Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 for less than $300 - for a limited time only!

$299.00 with FREE Class on Demand Training

reg. $699.00

Grass Valley
EDIUS Pro 6.5

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Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5
Upgrade from EDIUS 6

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Purchase EDIUS Pro 6.5 now through 3/31/13 and Videoguys will include a FREEass On Demand Black Card t entitles you to 2-years of FREE On-Demand Access to Class On Demand's "Complete Training for EDIUS Pro 6.5" - a $149 value - or your choice of any other single On Demand Course.

EDIUS Pro 6.5 Crossgrade, Upgrades & Full versions are also available
in Videoguys' Special Bundles with storage, software & more! out our featured bundle:
EDIUS Pro 6.5 with NewBlue Titler Pro & Boris FX 10

Create beautiful, complex and compelling 3D and 2D titles faster than ever with the native EDIUS Pro 6.5 plugin interface of NewBlue Titler Pro. Tap into rich styles and dynamic animations, which will enliven your production with a quick to learn interface for immediate, stunning results.

Boris FX 10 adds realistic lighting, advanced keying and color correction, image restoration tools, compositing, DVE, vector paint, and more making it a great value for effects creation.
bundles starting at $549.00

Grass Valley ADVC-G1
Any In to SDI Multi-Functional Converter/ Upconverter
with Frame Synchronizer

The ADVC G1 is a compact and competitively priced converter, designed to convert and/or upconvert any kind of professional/broadcast signals to HD/SD-SDI with the full support of the latest 3G technology.

The ADVC G1 will convert and/or upconvert, at the user's choice, sources from HDMI, DVI, component, composite, S-Video, AES/EBU, and analog audio to HD/SD-SDI (3G/1.5G support). With its audio inputs, the ADVC G1 can also be used as an audio embedder. It also features a reference in port which can serve as a frame synchronizer for the analog inputs, eliminating the need to purchase separate expensive equipment.

Videoguys ADVC-G1 Workflow Recommendation: If you have older legacy gear that you are trying to integrate it into an HD workflow via SDI the G1 is perfect for you because it converts your analog, HDMI and DVI signals to HD/SD-SDI. It also upconverts SD footage to HD.


reg. $1,099.00

We carry the complete line of Grass Valley ADVC-G Series Converters: ADVC-G2 at $899 converts your HDMI and SDI signal to analog. Converts HDMI to SDI. Also downconverts your HD footage to SD making is a great choice for anyone looking to pull HD content into an older analog or SD workflow.

The ADVC-G3 at $899 converts SDI input into HDMI output. Combines dual SDI input into a single HDMI output. Editors working with 3D footage can use the ADVC-G3 to combine both inputs into a multiplexed 3D HDMI output.

The ADVC-G4 at $599 generates Sync for multiple devices using a single input. This is for those who need to sync multiple SD and HD signals for use in broadcast production environments.

SPECIAL! Our Lowest Price Ever on the popular ADVC-110 Analog to DV Converter

Use ADVC110 to connect all analog and digital video cameras, decks and editing systems. ADVC110 is a portable and easy-to-use digital video converter compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers. ADVC110 is the ideal device for capturing and outputting analog video from any FireWire-equipped notebook and desktop computer. There are no drivers to install and ADVC110 does not require a power supply when used with a 6-pin FireWire cable.

Sale! $199.95

reg. $229.95

FREE Grass Valley EDIUS Pro 6.5 & Class On Demand Training with Any T2 iDDR!

Grass Valley T2 Intelligent Digital Disk Recorders

Grass Valley's newly designed and significantly improved T2™ family of intelligent digital disk recorders (iDDRs) are ideally suited for live event production, post production, and video-on-demand applications. With increased format support and faster signal processing, the new T2 iDDRs streamline manual processes and automate key capabilities to significantly improve a wide variety of file-based workflows.

The new T2 range, consisting of the T2 Express, T2 Pro, and T2 Elite models all include faster signal processing, generous storage capacity, and secure 2.5-inch HDD or SSD storage drives that allow users to work faster and smarter, while supporting more native file formats and compression codecs, including those from Grass Valley and a variety of third-parties.

Both the T2 Express and Pro models provide up to 1 TB (or 14 hours) of full 1080i HD content storage, with even more storage for 720p HD and 480i SD formats. The T2 Elite model provides up to 600 GB (or 8 hours) of full 1080i HD content storage using SSD.

Improvements over previous T2 models include real-time SD/HD crossconversion. The new T2 models can also crossconvert HD formats (between 720p and 1080i) in real-time. File format support now includes XDCAM HD422, XDCAM EX HD 35 Mb/s, AVC-Intra 100, GF 100 Mb/s, and AVCHD.

1 TB RAID-0 Storage
(2x500GB Hard Drives)


plus FREE EDIUS Pro 6.5 & Class On Demand Training Black Card

1 TB RAID-10 Redundant Storage (4x500GB Hard Drives)

plus FREE EDIUS Pro 6.5 & Class On Demand Training Black Card
600 GB SSD RAID-0 Storage
2x300GB SSD


plus FREE EDIUS Pro 6.5 & Class On Demand Training Black Card

Preview to NAB 2013: Grass Valley Reinvents Live Production Switching
with GV Director Integrated Nonlinear Live Production Center

Grass Valley® today introduced the GV Director™ Integrated Nonlinear Live Production Center. Much more than a switcher, it brings a dynamic new paradigm to live production workflows of all genres, with its simplified way of producing and delivering live content across multiple distribution platforms. GV Director is suitable for all production environments, such as houses of worship, image magnification (IMAG) applications, educational institutes, as well as fixed venues, production studios, and trucks.

GV Director's simple touchscreen, traditional switcher buttons and T-bar controls make it easy to use and it will seem familiar and logical to both experienced technical directors (TDs) and students alike. It is very much software based and runs on mostly common hardware components forming a scalable CPU and GPU platform with robust Grass Valley designed I/O technology - Providing for virtually unlimited M/E buses, keyers, 2D/3D graphics, localized clip storage and the ability to handle baseband and file-based sources.

"GV Director is a new approach to live production; by simplifying the processes — from set-up, to building a show and driving the live production, we have abstracted the complex technology layer, enabling operators to have control of all the components and become more creative." said Graham Sharp, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer for Grass Valley. "GV Director is a game changer and will get Grass Valley back into the low and mid markets with a paradigm shifting product."

GV Director pricing starts at $35k, for an eight inputs four outputs fully featured system and it is expected to ship at the end of June 2013. Click here to learn more...

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