Videoguys featured in Post Magazine review of Avid Media Composer 5 Magazine has posted three articles by Jon Moser about Avid Media Composer 5 and it's impact on the industry. I was very happy to be a part of his research. Jon and I exchanged emails and phone calls while he was working on the article. We talked about the waves MC5 was making in the Final Cut Pro community as well as the importance of new features like AMA ProRes, Quicktime and DSLR support. We aslo discussed the impact of opening up Media Composer to 3rd party hardware for monitoring HD. The MXO2 Mini and Avid Media Composer 5 are a WINNING combination and one that has many Avid editors who left, coming back home to Avid.

Note: I was happy to help out Jon with his research for the article. I thank him for including us in it. The quote did get edited down a bit. It should say "AMA’s ability to playback Canon H.264 DSLR files plus the new Canon XF format and other files."
According to Gary Bettan of retailer, a whole new market is looking eagerly at AMA’s ability to playback Canon XF and other files. “There were millions of new DSLRs sold last year, and owners are looking at MC5 as the platform to edit their films,” says Bettan, “Media Composer 5 handles the files transparently. Avid is back in a big way, and people don’t have to drop their Final Cut; the two can work side-by-side.”

Although we've posted these articles already on our blog, I wanted to toot our horn a little bit. is proud to be considered a leader in our industry and we want to congratulate Avid for delivering MC5 and opening up their architecture to 3rd party hardware, CODECs and more. MC5 ROCKS!

Read Jon's articles on Post Magazine's website:

If you are or were an Avid editor, the upgrade to MC5 for just $495 is a fantastic deal. Unfortunately Avid has raised the price on the upgrade to $695. As long as we still have inventory on hand of units we purchased prior to the July 11th price increase, we will keep honoring the $495 price. If you still have your dongle from Avid Xpress DV or Pro you can come back to Avid for under $500. Hurry, when they're gone, they're gone.

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