Videoguys Guide to Migrating From Avid Liquid to Avid Media Composer

If you are a long time Liquid user, you need to know that after several years of speculation and frustration, Avid has finally come out with the official news:

Liquid is dead. There will be no new updates or versions, nor will their be a next generation product that will give the Liquid user base a natural migration path. While Pinnacle Studio will continue to grow and get better, it will not become the mythical Liquid on steroids many were led to believe. The simple reality is that the product Liquid users should upgrade to is Avid Media Composer.

Avid has put together an incredible upgrade offer for their loyal Liquid users. You can upgrade to Media Composer 4, with all 3rd party plug-ins, for just $495! That is one sweet deal. The only downside to it is that Videoguys can't sell it to you, you have to purchase it directly from Avid...
But we do have some great MC4 Starter Bundles that will help you upgrade your workstation so it is ready for Medai Composer.

Avid Media Composer 4 Tech Notes:

Like I said, this is an incredible offer and one that every Liquid owner would be crazy to let pass. One of the biggest concerns Liquid users have about upgrading to Media Composer is will their existing computer be able to handle it. That my friends is the $64,000 question and of course, your mileage may vary. We do not recommend running Media Composer on anything less then a dual core machine. For best results step up into an Intel Corei7 machine like the Videoguys DIY 7 series. While not officially certified by Avid, I can tell you that we've got users all over the world running Media Composer on this build, including some of the moderators on the Avid forums. If you follow our guide you will end up with a rock solid MC4 workstation.

Click here to read the full guide and check out our MC4 Starter Kit Bundles

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