Videoguys Insider Vol 5 Is 11– Videoguys Photoshop CS2 review, big news from Avid, new Serious Magic rebates, IBC report and more

We have a bunch of exciting news for you from around the world! This past week in Amsterdam the IBC2005 show took place. This is a very important show for the video industry, and there was plenty of excitement. One of our long time friends and HDV-List member Adam Wilt was at the show, and he gave us quick report of the latest HDV camera news. One of the most interesting items was a teaser from Canon of an HDV version of the XL2!! You can check out Adam’s report now ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hands-On Review Adobe Photoshop CS2 - Upgraded for Video Editors Adobe Photoshop CS 2 is a major upgrade to the popular digital image editing and creation software. As a Photoshop user I thought it was quite telling to see this product announced last April at NAB, a trade show for videographers & producers from the National Association of Broadcasters. It's no secret that Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard for color correcting, processing & formatting still images, but with every new version it is also becoming an even more essential tool for video editors. Adobe Photoshop CS2 adds many new features for helping you create professional video productions with photo montages, graphic overlays, DVD menus and more. Read the complete review here ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Big news from Avid - $400 Mail in rebate on Xpress Pro/ Mojo bundles expire 9/30/05 It’s been a very big month for Avid. They finalized the purchase of Pinnacle Systems, and now, with the combined product reach of Pinnacle and Avid, they have dominant positions in the consumer, pro-sumer, event, professional and broadcast markets. We are very excited about this, and we can’t wait to see how they merge the best new technologies from both companies together. Studio 10 and Liquid Edition – Bright Future Ahead Avid announces the next version of Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Studio 10 is based on the same core code as Liquid Edition. This means Studio will be more stable and powerful than ever before. Liquid Edition owners were happy to learn that development is still going strong and that the next version of Liquid Edition is also in the works. With such outstanding features as auto-save, background rendering, integrated DVD authoring, multi-cam, secondary color correction, dynamic time warp and AC3 5.1 surround sound audio support we can understand why Avid sees Liquid Edition as an important product. While there has been no official announcement about Liquid Editon 7, we can tell you that Pinnacle and Avid product managers are working together on it. We're still offering our $200 mail-in rebate on Liquid Edition Pro upgrades for Adobe Premiere owners through Sept 30th. Avid releases Xpress DV & Xpress Pro for Mac OSX Tiger! It’s been a long wait, but the new 4.8 versions of both XDV and Xpress Pro are now available for Tiger. hat took so long? That’s a question that many loyal Mac based Avid editors have been asking. With this release Avid has tapped into core technologies in Tiger that unleash even more performance and features. Avid didn’t just make Xpress run on Tiger, they optimized it for the new OS and added features that were simply not possible before. We’ve been hearing back from many Xpress Pro / Tiger owners and they are very happy. We hope to have HD support for Tiger by year end. Avid announces full HDV support for Xpress Pro HD by October 17th!! With the next release of Xpress Pro HD, you will be able to capture and edit native HDV footage in 720p, 1080i and the new 1080p formats. You’ll have complete support for the current JVC & Sony HDV camcorders, as well as the new JVC HD Pro and Panasonic P2 based HD solutions. You’ll be able to mix all these formats together on the same time-line and still edit in real-time. Registered Xpress Pro HD owners will be able to upgrade to HDV for free when it is released. Xpress Pro owners can upgrade to Pro HD for just $49 until Oct 17th and qualify for the free HDV upgrade. Check out my Avid Report to learn more about the Tiger and HDV releases Hurry! The $400 mail in rebate on our Xpress Pro /Mojo bundles (which include Xpress Pro HD) expires September 30th. At just $1995 (after rebate) it’s a great deal! The Xpress Pro HD PowerPack w/ Mojo is a tremendous value at $2950 (after rebate) - it includes Avid FX, Avid 3D and Avid DVD. Click here to order ------------------------------------------------------------------------- SERIOUS MAGIC ULTRA 2 - LOWEST PRICES EVER - NEW $150 COMPETETIVE REBATE! If you already own video editing software that will allow you to chromakey, Serious Magic is offering you a $150 mail-in rebate when you buy Ultra 2. Ultra 2 is simply the best chroma keyer in the world for your DV and HDV footage. The reviews keep coming in and they are all saying the same thing – “Ultra 2 is even better than Ultra, and when you combine it with the Virtual Set technology it is in a league by itself!† Speaking of Virtual Sets Serious Magic has just released the Master Set Library Suite – now you can get all 3 MSLs for only $679.95, that’s a huge savings. We’ve put together some amazing bundle packages that include Ultra 2 and any combination of Master Set Libraries with FREE Ultimate Ultra training! Check it out ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boris Continuum Complete AVX 4 is Shipping – Now Supports AVX 2.0! Transform Avid Xpress Pro into a Compositing/Effects Powerhouse! Boris Continuum Complete AVX: 170+ native transitions and filters for Avid NLEs Boris Continuum Complete AVX (BCC AVX) is a comprehensive suite of native filters and transitions for Avid editors. BCC AVX is bundled with all Avid Media Composer Adrenaline systems and is available as an optional plug-in for Avid Xpress Pro, Avid Xpress DV, and other Avid NLEs. More than 170 sophisticated filters include Lens Flare, Glint, Match Grain, Optical Flow, Motion Blur, Motion Key, Wire Remover, and Witness Protection. The filters and transitions are animated in the Avid timeline and Effect Editor window. Even cooloer – many of the effects preview in real time in Avid Xpress Pro and Avid Xpress DV. Available from Videoguys for $749.95, we recommend Continuum Complete AVX as a must-have tool for any Avid editing system. Read on to learn how BCC AVX 4 can transform your Avid Xpress Pro editing system into a compositing/effects powerhouse... ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Canopus Edius NX on sale $999.95 Edius delivers a level of real-time performance that software based solutions simply can't come close to. With Edius NX, Canopus continues the great tradition top rated NLE solutions like DV Rex, MegaRex, DV Rex RT, DV Storm and the DV Storm 2. Edius NX is hardware with a FUTURE – you get unprecedented real-time DV performance today and the ability to upgrade in the future to HDV & DVCProHD. Even more important, when you do upgrade to HD in the future, you'll get the same level of real-time performance and stability that you have come to expect from Canopus NLE solutions. Why should you buy Edius NX today?  · Edius NX combines hardware and software technology to deliver the ultimate real-time DV editing solution. More layers of video and graphics t han any other hardware accerator.  · Edius NX hardware is designed for todays faster CPUs, motherboards & bus speeds.  · Edius Pro 3 is a professional strength video editor that can be customized for the way you edit. It’s easy to use and loaded with all the great features you need – in real-time with the Edius NX hardware  · Edius Pro 3 software allows you to edit all kinds of footage including DV, uncompressed SD, HDV, DVCPro, MPEG2 and more.  · Edius NX hardware is flexible. Put it in an existing slower machine and edit DV today. Put it in a faster new machine and get even more real-time performance.  · When you migrate to HDV, Edius NX comes along with you. You can edit HDV footage with base NX board, or upgrade to the HDV module for real-time HDV editing.  · Fantastic prices!! Edius NX with Edius Pro $999.95. Edius NX for HDV with Edius Pro and the real-time HD output card $1499 For more info about Edius NX or to order

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