Videoguys March Mania: News Day 2sDay LIVE Webinar

This week's Videoguys NewsDay 2sDay LIVE Webinar is on live sports video production products and practices. Whether you want to stream out your son's little league game for his grandparents across the country, or you're tasked with live streaming a professional-level hockey game, these products will help you get your live production up and running.

We're here to fill all of your sports broadcasting needs, from youth sports all the way to the professional level.


The NewTek TriCaster TC1 and the TriCaster mini are perfect for creating a live broadcast package. These models make a professional and complete broadcast, while staying in an affordable price range.

For more information on the NewTek TriCaster TC1 systems click here.

For more information on the NewTek TriCaster Mini Advanced systems click here.

NewTek has also further developed their NDI technology, enabling devices to communicate over standard Ethernet. New products using NDI are perfect for remotely streaming any number of sports- from NewTeks connect spark line all the way to their NDI PTZ Cameras.

Recently, NewTek's TC1 and NDI technology were used to broadcast the Sunset Ridge Western Amateur Golf Tournament for the first time. The broadcast played live on many of the golf channels online networks. To find out more about this event, check out NewTek's article on the subject.

For more information on the NewTek NDI | HX products click here.

Click here for more information or to purchase the Connect Spark or the NDI PTZ Camera.


Telestream's Wirecast and Wirecast Gear can be used on PC or Mac to mix and stream video from multiple different outputs- making Wirecast and ideal tool for any sports broadcast.

For more information on the Wirecast Gear Systems click here.

For more information on Wirecast Software click here


Roland V-1 switchers are available to increase your live stream quality. At an affordable price, these portable mixers fit any four camera sports shoot.

For more information on the Roland VR-1HD click here

PTZ Optics

PTZ Optics cameras utilize NDI and SDI technology to become an exciting new tool in remote live broadcasting. These small, mobile cameras create a sophisticated set up and can also be adjusted remotely via NDI Joystick.

For more information on the PTZOptics NDI and SDI cameras click here.

Sling Studio

Sling Studio sets up it's own portable WiFi network, to attach multiple live camera feeds- to be monitored simultaneously. This product is perfect for football formations or broadcasting complex plays.

For more information on SlingStudio click here

LiveU Solo and Cloud Graphics

LiveU Solo is a cellular bonding encoder which uses two cell modems and LiveU's LRT service to allow you to store your footage in the cloud as it records.

LiveU's Cloud Graphics also allows broadcasters to add sophisticated graphics to their live Video as it streams in real time!

Click here to check out how The El Paso Chihuahua's used The Live U Solo to connect to their fans in real time

For more information on the LiveU Solo and Cloud Graphics packages click here.


The Matrox Monarch line can be used for dual quality streaming, encoding and recording. These devices allow you to record in large and small resolution simultaneously, providing video for multiple purposes after an event has been streamed.

Ryerson's School of Journalism recently utilized Matrox Monarch technology to improve their live webcasts! Find out more here!

For more information on the Matrox Monarch Devices click here


The Teradek bolt and Vidiu Go are absolute essentials for proffessional sports broadcasting. These devices focus on point to point broadcasting and have been used to stream sports on an olympic level.

To learn how the Teradek bolt was used at the 2018 olympics, click here!

For more information on the Teradek Bolt click here

For more information on the Teradek VidiU Go click here


Epiphan's new line of video grabbers and Webcaster packages are bringing ESports into the public eye. Across the country, Esports is growing in recognition and legitimacy. Much of the success can be attributed to Epiphans newest line of products.

For more information on the Epiphan Video Grabbers click here


BirdDog remains one of the leaders in NDI Technology. The BirdDog Studio is a full NDI encoder, perfect for streaming ESports!

To find out how Bird Dog helped the Tilburg Trappers monetize their livestreams, click here!

Glyph, LaCie, and Avid Nexis Pro

If you're live streaming video, chances are you will need to store it. In our webinar we go into many different options to help you decide your best storage options.

For more information on the Glyph Atom SSD click here

For more information on the G-Technology G-DRIVE mobile SSD-R click here

For more information on LaCie Rugged storage devices click here

For more information on the Avid NEXIS Pro click here

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