Videoguys NAB2010 Report Part 1

NAB2010 was very exciting for us and everyone I have spoken to who attended!

We have been waiting for action-packed show full of excitement for a couple of years and thanks to Adobe, Avid, Matrox and others we finally got one! The buzz on the NAB Show Floor was about a bunch of exciting new products, technology and more efficient workflows. Every videographer, producer and editor I spoke to had been waiting for new technology that would finally make their workflow better and I think they've got it!

Over the past couple of years the technology that was being shown was more evolutionary then revolutionary. While the past two shows had some new product announcements and technological innovations, most HD products came with compatibility issues and the need for workarounds and patches. We were in a maturing industry that was migrating to HD, but it was a long slow bumpy ride. Video producers and editors were forced to make compromises in order to get things to work properly. But thankfully, not anymore!

At this years NAB 2010 Avid, Adobe and Matrox announced new products loaded with features and performance that will make working with HD footage and tapeless workflows much easier and more straightforward. No more worrying about whether you can edit the footage you were given without transcoding or re-wrapping it. No more need for 3rd party utilities to get the footage into your NLE. Finally, everything just WORKS!

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