Videoguys Studio Upgrade: Now with NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro

On todays show of Videoguys Live, Jim F. goes over some of the great new Upgrades we've been making to our studio and walks through transferring files from an old TriCaster to a new TriCaster.

Watch the full webinar below:



- Support more NDI sources

-Make it easier for guests with NewTek's LiveCall Connect

-Allow for remote collaboration with Newtek Certified Specialist in Texas


The first step to transferring your files from an old system to a new system is to back up all of your files.

In order to back up things such as graphics, videos and sound you will first need to run the TriCaster in administrator mode, which basically makes the TriCaster run on windows.

Once in administrator mode you can go to your files and access your media drive. In the sessions folder you will see all of your sessions you've made and inside that will be all of the assets used in that session. simply copy those assets onto your external drive.

To export your Mix Effects, you need to be operating the TriCaster in a session. 
Once in the session, hover your mouse on the blue arrow all the way to the left of the Mix Effects layers tab. A preset tab will then pop out.
Right click on the preset you wish to export and select export.
Choose a destination in which you'd like to export the Mix Effect to.

*Tech Tip* make sure you are labeling your files as to make it easier to find once on the new system.

Now that everything is backed up it was time to physically disconnect the cables from the old unit and into the new unit. 

We had help from NewTeks Professional Services. 

This is a service that NewTek offers to users where you can block out time to have a member of Newtek help you with any aspect of a TriCaster, whether it's installing a new one, training, or consulting.

To import your graphics, sound bites, and videos from your old system to the new system is the same way that you would import any type of media. 

Go to file

Import media

Choose your destination

Find your files

And import

To import your Mix Effects presets is the same as exporting.

Right click on an empty preset slot and select import.

What you decide to transfer over or rebuild is up to you.

For us we decided to keep and transfer over our graphics and videos. We did this because these are things that we use every show and wanted to make sure were put on the new system in the right place.

Some things we decided to rebuild were our Mix Effects and Macros. The Mix Effects were rebuilt because we are constantly building them anyway, so we didn't need to transfer old ones. And as for macros, I had just recently completed my NewTek TriCaster Certification course and wanted to put some of those skills to practice by remaking our Macros.

NewTek University is a tool that NewTek provides to customers to understand all of the ins and outs of a TriCaster and how to operate all NewTek products.

LiveCall Connect is one of the main reasons we decided to upgrade to a TriCaster 1 Pro. LiveCall Connect is preinstalled on a TriCaster 1 Pro and allows for a user to brin g in up to 4 guests via Zoom, Teams, Skype or any conference calling program. The feature will automatically bring in a guest and put them into a input, while also bringing in the audio. My favorite part of Live Call Connect is that it will automatically route your audio for you, that way you don't have to worry about echoes.


Remote collaboration works beautifully on the TriCaster 1 Pro. Which is great for us in the studio for training, collaboration, and troubleshooting.

More upgrades are coming!
-We're working on a live set with some Auto-tracking cameras

-New software tools to further engagement with you... our audience

-Even more sources... in studio and in other parts of the U.S.

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