Videoguys' Tips for Shooting Family/Home/Holiday Video (2010 update)

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Videoguys’ Tips for Shooting Family/Home/holiday Video

If you’re like me, you shoot tons of video of your family. I’ve got hours and hours of videotape of my kids. Over the past 15 years I’ve learned a thing or two about getting the best possible footage. No matter how cool your NLE system is and how many awesome special effects you can add, the bottom line is this: The video is only as good as the video you shoot.

Videoguys HD & DSLR Shooting Tips

Back in 2006 I purchased my first HD camcorder, the Canon HV20, and I loved it. The HDV footage was spectacular and I couldn't believe how sharp and clear it looked compared to DV. Fast forward to 2010. HD cameras are everywhere. For around $100 you can purchase a Flip camera, Smartphones like the iPhone shoot in HD, and you can find Full HD camcorders for under $500 at your local electronics store.

This past year I started shooting and using a Canon 7D DSLR and I can honestly say it is the best camera or camcorder I have ever owned. I LOVE IT! I had no idea how much better my video could look with real camera lenses and the ability to combine depth of field and soft focus to create much more dramatic, powerful and emotional imagery. Everyone here at Videoguys became so excited about DSLR video that we published our own Guide to DSLR Workflows article back in April, and we keep updating it as new information comes.

One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years working with HD is to modify the way I shoot to take full advantage of the HD technology. We've included several of my most important HD & DSLR tips for you to use.

Now includes Video Montage Tips!

Go to any big family event - wedding, Bar Mitzvah, anniversary, graduation etc and you are going to be asked to take 5-10 minutes to watch the montage. For most folks this consists of 100s of snapshots laid over a couple of songs, with every cheesy 3D transition you’ve ever imagined between the images. BORING!!!

You are a videographer, so use video! It’s much more work, but well worth the effort. If a picture says a thousand words, a video clip says a million. First smiles, first steps, first goal, learning to ride a bike - are all so much more exciting in action rather then stills. Even if you don’t catch it on video the first time, watching those early years on video is just so much more powerful then stills You also get peoples expressions and reactions as they celebrate and do things together. When you put it all together, you’ll share your families history with your passion and talent for video editing - what a winning combination!

Click here for Videoguys Tips for Shooting Family/Home/Holiday Video

now including our new HD, DSLR and Montage Tips!

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