Videoguys Top 10 Products of 2018

I look forward to having the opportunity to sit down each year and reflect on the changes and trends in the industry. Writing, and rating, the top products introduced in 2018 creates a nice snapshot of where our industry is today and where it is heading.

So where are we now? We’re LIVE! That’s right, once again a big portion of this list includes products that make it easier to create a live streaming production. You might notice though that a lot of the popular streaming solutions like the NewTek TriCaster and the Wirecast Gear are not on this year’s list. Trust me, that’s not because they aren’t the top products in our industry! They are, and we recommend them to customers every day. They aren’t on the list because they aren’t new in 2018. Yes, there have been a lot of improvements and upgrades throughout the year and they will continue into 2019 as well but the products that were introduced in this space make these systems even better. We know because 2018 was the first full year of us broadcasting live every Tuesday at 2pm ET on YouTube and Facebook Live with simulcasts also broadcasted to Twitter’s Periscope and the to Twitch! We’ll admit that every show wasn’t a gem but there were definitely some diamonds thanks to special guests like Dr. Andrew Cross from NewTek, Dave Cuolantoni from Avid and Jon Landman from Teradek. We are looking forward to bringing you more great shows every Tuesday at 2pm ET and already have a full schedule on deck.

In addition to the Live Streaming there are also some great production tools, video storage and post production products rounding out the list this year. In fact, OUR PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award clearly belongs to the new Atomos Ninja V!!! Yes… that’s right… the Ninja V is awesome, and we have just officially started the Videoguys’ Top 10 Products of 2018.

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