Videoguys Top Products of 2017: Our Top 12 Picks for Video Production

Selecting the Videoguys Top Products of 2017 was tough!

2017 was one of those years that saw a ton of exciting new products released - many with ground breaking technology. So many that I couldn't nail it down to just 10, in fact, when you count the ties, it's more like 15 products featured in this article. Before we even get to the list, I want to talk about the single biggest product / technology to hit our industry in years. NewTek NDI – Network Device Interface. In fact, I'm going to declare 2017 the year of NDI! NewTek NDI was introduced a couple of years ago. It's an IP-based technology that allows you to transmit audio and video over standard GigE networks. So it can replace costly SDI and not as reliable HDMI cables and connections in your live production workflow. Even more important, NDI is a two way communication. This means that in addition to sending video between devices, it allows those devices to communicate with each other and even control each other over the network. Simply amazing! We've posted several videos this year featuring NDI and NDI products. Many of the products on this year's Top 12 list are NDI based. Kudos to Dr. Andrew Cross and his team over at NewTek. NDI adoption has been tremendous and new NDI products and workflows keep coming. That is why I will say it again: 2017 was the year of NDI!

So let's go to the Top 12 list!

Our Top 12 list is not in any particular order or ranking, but I do have to say that one product on the list stood out above all the others, and for this reason I'm going to call it our Top Product of 2017 - the NewTek TriCaster TC1!

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