Videomaker 2009 Video Editing Software Programs Buyer's Guide

Consumer and professional media creation is growing now faster than ever.

As more and more video makes its way into our everyday lives, manufacturers have to update, improve and add features to their editing and distribution software to keep up with the ever-changing demands of its users. We've seen lots of great updates in editing software this year on both the consumer and professional levels, giving the editor even more options to choose from.

New Support
In the professional market, the new feature trend seems to be adding support for beyond HD formats such as 2k and 4k. Most professional applications have also focused on adding support in one way or another for RED file formats, either natively or through transcoding. AVC-Intra support is a hot update as well. The key words in all professional application updates are "native editing support". Users are demanding that whatever type of media they wish to edit, they want to edit it without any conversions or transcoding.
There are numerous consumer level offerings and more and more pop up every day. Almost every new computer ships with some basic video editor installed, and in recent time we've even seen primitive editing functions appear on cell phones and pocket-sized recording devices. Technology markets are doing everything they can to help the consumer make more media and share it faster and easier than ever before. read more...

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