Videomaker reviews: Apple Mac Pro & Final Cut Pro X 10.1

Videomaker by Adam Vesely

Apple Mac Pro

Using innovative design, superior components and solid software solutions, the new Apple Mac Pro shows that Apple has raised the bar once again, providing one of the smallest, fastest and quietest workstations ever conceived.

In June 2012, a Mac user decided to write a letter to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook asking about the state of the Apple Mac Pro, which had seen minor and infrequent updates since 2010. Cook responded by saying that "we're working on something really great for later next year." As the months went by, many speculated on what this new Mac Pro could bring to the table besides the usual updated hardware components. After a grand debut in June 2013 at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference and many months of waiting, the new Mac Pro is finally here! read more...

Screen capture of the Apple Final Cut Pro X 10.1 editing program

Final Cut Pro X has taken great strides and matured into one of the most innovative video editing software titles in recent history. Apple has been working hard over the past two and half years to update and improve Final Cut Pro X, and the latest version, 10.1, brings tons of great improvements that may have you thinking twice about your editing software of choice.

When Apple unveiled Final Cut Pro X back in April 2011 at a National Association of Broadcasters event, many in the audience were stunned and impressed by the overhauled user interface, the robust additions that made better use of newer hardware and operating system technologies, and for showing how the current paradigms in video editing software could be changed for the better. After releasing the software in June 2011, Final Cut Pro X received a fair bit of criticism for not including many long-standing features from Final Cut Pro 7, including support for multicam editing and XML/EDL imports/exports. read more...

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