Visual: 10 Youtube Channels To Learn Filmmaking Tips

Indietips by Lewis McGregor

Lewis McGregor is an indie filmmaker, photographer and online content creator from South Wales. Later this year he will begin production on the web-series Grim: A Tale of Death.

Here are 10 great YouTube channels filled with hours upon hours of filmmaking tutorials and tips. Who needs film school when you have YouTube! Right..?

  1. The Home of – UglyMcGregor
  2. 3DS Max Learning Channel
  3. Dave Dugdale – Learning DSLR
  4. Film Riot
  5. Final Cut King Queen
  6. Dod3032/Neumann Films
  7. Indy Mogul
  8. FreddieW2
  9. Sam and Niko
  10. VFX Bro

Read the full article for more info and sample videos from each channel.

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