Do VR-based STEM Labs Help Students?

There are no formal studies out yet that prove virtual reality is effective in education, but it's easy to imagine that VR-based interactive learning could make things more fun. It's a new frontier. Are you looking to create VR content? We've got 360-degree camera mounts, software and hardware to help you.

Promote STEM Learning Success With Virtual Reality in Education virtual-reality-in-educationIt’s time to think more about using virtual reality in education, as educators see in it an opportunity to help bring STEM learning to life for today’s middle- and high-school students. “Teachers have the most interest in using VR for science,” says Baptiste Greve, founder and CEO at Unimersiv, which currently offers a platform for VR educational experiences for Samsung Gear VR headsets that work with Samsung Galaxy smartphones. In a survey Unimersiv conducted online last August on the state of VR in education, more than half of the 149 respondents said that science was the most important knowledge category where the technology could have a learning impact, followed by history. Unimersiv experiences include 3D solo or guided field trips to the International Space Station and Stonehenge, and through human anatomy, where users can rotate, zoom in and click on body parts for information about them, and listen to the cardiovascular system in action, Greve says. More experiences are planned over the coming months. At Meads Mill Middle School in Northville, Michigan, technology teacher Tonya Nugent has taken students on virtual tours of restaurants using the YouVisit VR app with the Mattel View-Master. Giving students virtual restaurant tours helped them understand how these facilities are designed so they could create their own restaurant floor plans in STEM labs, part of a bigger project to teach state technology standards. “Students use the design process commonly found in engineering to create an example drawing of their floor plan from a bird’s-eye view or top-down perspective,” Nugent says. “Many had a greater understanding of the design concept of a restaurant floor plan.”...[continue reading]

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