Want an Alternative to the Three Major NLE's? Give Grass Valley's Edius a Try

nofilmschool by Robert Hardy

There is no perfect editing solution on the market that will fulfill every editor’s needs on a consistent basis. Premiere Pro is great, but many take issue with the lack of ownership of the software with Adobe’s subscription-based business model. FCPX is the fastest thing around, but it still scares a good many editors, many of whom are not switching back to Apple any time soon. Avid is powerful. Really powerful. But it’s also a bit clunky and the learning curve is steep and somewhat intimidating. So what’s an editor to do when none of these programs fit their needs? How about trying Edius on for size?

Every NLE has the thing that sets it apart from the others. Premiere Pro has integration with the rest of the Adobe Suite. FCPX reinvented the timeline by doing away with track-based editing. Avid boasts a list of just about every major studio film in the past 20 years, all of which were cut on its systems.

So, what is it that makes Edius special, that sets it apart from the pack? Well, nothing really. There are no flashy features or reinventions of editing conventions. There’s just one solid NLE, with a focus on usability and workflow speed, that has been meeting the needs of broadcast editors for years.

Here’s a quick video rundown of the Edius interface (Keep in mind this is version 6.5, not 7):


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