Webcaster X2: firmware 2.16 security update available

Webcaster X2 - important update available

Firmware 2.16 for Webcaster X2 is an important security update released on July 24, 2018. This is a critical security update that affects all Facebook Live users.

Facebook is changing their security permissions and these changes will take affect August 1st. These changes will prevent existing Webcaster X2 firmware from streaming to groups and timelines. In order to continue to stream to Facebook Live after August 1st, you will need to upgrade your firmware to 2.16.

Because of Facebook's recent security changes, you'll notice two important differences in how streaming works after August 1st:

  • Facebook no longer supports streaming live to events.

At Epiphan, our aim is to make streaming easy using Webcaster X2. We are sorry if these security policy changes being imposed by Facebook are a source of inconvenience for you. Be assured that we've worked hard to minimize the impact of these security policy changes.

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