What You Need For An NDI Production

On today's Videoguys Live, hosted by James, you'll discover the key components and techniques you need to know for a seamless NDI (Network Device Interface) production workflow. Say goodbye to complex cabling and hardware as James guides you through building your NDI infrastructure, optimizing your network, selecting the right software applications, and streamlining your workflow. From NDI-enabled cameras to network configuration and real-world examples, James provides valuable insights to help you harness the power of NDI for remote production, multi-camera setups, and real-time collaboration. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more  about elevating your video production game with NDI.

Watch the full webinar below:

Which Video Cable is Right for Me?

  • + High-speed, high resolution connection BUILT for video​
  • - Expensive cabling not recommended for long runs over 50’​


  • + Excellent for long runs. Common in sports production​
  • - Cable runs may be difficult to retrofit in building, churches​


  • + Just 1 Cable needed for video, power & control​
  • + Perfect for retrofit applications & flexible production use​

NDI - 1 Cable to Do It All

  • Audio & Video​
  • POE Power​
  • PTZ Control​

What is NDI?
NDI is a network protocol that enables audio, video, and metadata signals to be sent over standard networks in real-time.​

Our NDI Workflow


Production Systems


NETGEAR M4250 Series Network Switches are Built for NDI

  • Desktop Models
  • Rackmount Models

Top 5 Reasons Videoguys Recommends NETGEAR ProAV M4250 Switches​

  1. Engineered for AV over IP​
  2. Netgear is committed to ProAV​
  3. Easy to Configure (GUI)​
  4. Presets for NDI HX & NDI 5​
  5. Recommended by all of our partners:​ PTZOptics, NewTek, Birddog etc​

Terms to Learn

  • PoE - Power Over Ethernet
  • PoE - 15.4 Watts
  • PoE+ - 30 Watts
  • PoE++ (Ultra) - 60-100 Watts depending on version (type 3 and type 4)
  • TPD - Total Power Delivery
  • TPD - The maximum amount of power a switch can deliver
  • Example: A PoE+ switch with 60 Watts TPD can only power 2 PoE+ cameras no matter how many ports it has

PTZ Cameras

What is a PTZ Camera

  • A robotic video camera controlled by a remote operator ​
  • Easy, automated production workflow with other software technologies for recording and live streaming directly to content delivery networks like Facebook and YouTube.​

What are the Advantages of a PTZ Camera?

  • Can be mounted out of sight. Walls, Ceilings, Tripod, etc.​
  • Install first, position camera after​
  • Single operator can control multiple cameras​

Web GUI for Color Matching and More

  • All cameras have some menu setup and software access to control color settings and other settings such as:​
  • Frame rate​
  • Resolution​
  • Auto Tracking​
  • Exposure settings​




Higher bandwidth required

Lower bandwidth required (about 1/10th)

Lower latency

Higher latency

higher frame rates and resolutions

Slightly lower resolution

Allows for more NDI devices to be on a slower network

PTZ Controllers

  • Already have a PTZ camera? Add a controller for easy and precise control of your cameras​​
  • Use one camera to set up multiple angles​​
  • Set presets for common movements​​

NDI Converters Allow You to Put ANY Video Source on the Network

  • NDI Encoders turn any HDMI or SDI camcorder into an NDI camera​
  • NDI Decoders allow you to send any source to any screen​

NDI Tools
More Devices. More Content. More Possibilities​. Free suite of applications designed to introduce you to the world of IP​.

NDI Studio Monitor

  • Allows you to see any available NDI channel in real time, arrange multiple NDI channels for live monitoring.
  • View or display any NDI video source across your network in real-time​
  • Control PTZ Cameras with on-screen controls​
  • KVM remote control of any workstation running NDI Screen Capture​
  • Record NDI sources directly from the software​

NDI Screen Capture

  • Transforms any laptop or workstation into a multi-source IP video input device​
  • Generate multiple live video sources simultaneously, with selectable audio​
  • Support for multi-monitor capture, with independent output at up to 60Hz​
  • Capture all of your system’s desktops in real-time, at full 60Hz or even games at 120Hz or above and with almost no CPU usage​

NDI Webcam

  • Designate up to four unique NDI sources as video inputs for popular software applications that support a webcam​
  • With NDI Webcam Input, NDI sources are recognized as standard Microsoft® Windows® video and audio sources, making it possible to elevate your video communications without increasing the complexity of your setup.​
  • Compatible with Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Skype, Zoom, and more​
  • Maximize your workflow by accepting video sources up to 4K 60 fps & automatically convert to resolutions suitable for popular software applications.​

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