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premiere-bro-2016The Premiere Bro Blog is one of our favorite resources for Premeire Pro news. They give you reviews, press rleases, tutorials and more. Everything a Premeire Pro user, beginner or expert, needd to stay on top of.
Premiere Bro: What's New & What's Coming Premiere Bro is the Premiere Pro User Blog and Fansite. What does that mean? It means that Premiere Bro is the Dude Perfect of Premiere Pro; it's the Rotten Tomatoes of Premiere Pro (always Certified Fresh); it's the Talking Dead of Premiere Pro. Premiere Bro is the #1 hangout spot for Premiere Pro fans. You should follow Premiere Bro, cause it's all about you, Premiere Pro user, and enriching your Premiere Pro editing experience! Read on to see what's new and what's coming to Premiere Bro in 2016.


Premiere Bro will continue to serve up the best Premiere Pro tutorials on a weekly basis in Week in Premiere, the Premiere Pro week in review. However, the best of these tutorials, subjectively speaking, will be archived as blog posts and collected on the Premiere Protorials page. This replaces the previous Tutorials tab with an appropriate Premiere Pro-ism. More accurate than YouTube, more affordable than Lynda, the Premiere Protorials page is the go-to place to search for free Premiere Pro tutorials.


Premiere Products is an all-new page for displaying Premiere Pro 3rd-party product reviews collected from the Premiere Bro Blog. Product reviews is a topic that will see a lot more attention from Premiere Bro in 2016. More Premiere Pro addon, extension, and plugin reviews to come!


Premiere Promos are videos edited in Premiere Pro. Prior to moving to Squarespace, they were featured on a webpage, four at a time, until they were replaced by newer examples. Premiere Promos are now rolled into Premiere in Post, the Premiere Pro community news feed, where they remain accessible. Visitors can now scroll or search for past Premiere Promos.

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