What’s new in Adobe Creative Cloud for teams #CCNext

The next wave of innovation is here

One of the big advantages that Adobe Creative Cloud for teams offers over Adobe Creative Suite perpetual software is the ability to continually innovate. The 2014 release of Creative Cloud takes that promise of innovation to the next level with brand new versions of 14 desktop apps, a new set of mobile apps, and innovative services that keep your creative tools, assets, and community connected. Hundreds of improvements have been added to Creative Cloud since CS6, including major performance enhancements and countless refinements to your favorite tools that make everyday tasks easier and faster. And best of all, these upgrades are automatically included in your ongoing membership at no additional charge.

By constantly innovating, Creative Cloud enables customers to capitalize on the latest technologies like 3D printing, 4K and Ultra HD video, EPUB fixed layout, and the newest web standards. Plus, Creative Cloud dramatically simplifies software
purchasing and administration by continually making it easier to centrally deploy software and manage seats across your organization.

Here are just some of the latest features that have been added to Creative Cloud for teams.

Newly redesigned Admin Console
The user interface for the Admin Console has been completely refreshed—making it easier and more intuitive to manage larger teams and monitor usage. You can now filter back and forth to view both active and pending users to keep track of how many seats are being utilized. It is also easier to search and sort licenses so you can determine which seats are active, which users have accepted their invitations, and when seats need to be renewed. And you can manage multiple teams from a single Adobe ID.

Adobe Illustrator CC
Quickly make basic forms into editable shapes with the new Live Rectangles feature. Create freehand paths with beautiful curves using the rebuilt Pencil tool. And continually edit the corners of shapes and paths with precise control with Live Corners. The 2014 release of Illustrator CC makes creating and editing vector graphics easier than ever.
Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Edit text in After Effects compositions without leaving Adobe Premiere Pro. Add feathered masks that follow the movement of your subjects to easily blur things (like license plates or faces) or highlight specific elements (such as logos) in your shots. And use master clips to apply an effect once and see that change ripple through all instances in your subclips.
Adobe Muse CC
Take advantage of a performance boost in Adobe Muse CC, which has been completely rebuilt as a native application with 64-bit support. You can now allow site owners, such as clients, to make simple edits to their live sites through a web browser, whether the site is hosted with Adobe or with
another hosting provider. You can also download a variety of Adobe Muse elements provided by the design community—including new widgets, templates, wireframes and more—to customize and reuse in your site designs.
Adobe After Effects CC
Get better keying results from compressed or poorly shot bluescreen or greenscreen footage with new keying effects. Make text in your After Effects compositions easily editable in Adobe
Premiere Pro with Live Text templates. And apply effects to a specific area in your image and
share masks, effects, and tracking with Adobe Premiere Pro.
Adobe InDesign CC
Drag and drop rows and columns in a table from one location to another within the same table. Make richly designed, highly interactive EPUB eBooks with live text (such as children’s books, cookbooks, travel books, or textbooks) whose layout and design remain fixed regardless of screen size. Maintain shortcuts and preferences when you update InDesign, ensuring you can easily and quickly get to work with the latest version. And manage and organize your color swatches within InDesign more efficiently with color swatch folders.
Adobe Photoshop CC
Change the viewpoint of a photo after it was shot with Perspective Warp. Take advantage of Smart Objects that live independently of your Photoshop files so you can link your Smart Objects and share them across multiple documents. And save time with improved Layer Comps. Now you can change the visibility, position, or appearance of one layer in a Layer Comp and simply sync to see your change reflected in all your other Layer Comps.
Adobe Dreamweaver CC
Look at the markup in your document using the new Element Quick View, which renders an interactive HTML tree for both static and dynamic content. Make changes to your static content structure right within the HTML tree. Use the Insert panel to quickly add HTML page elements in Live View, and preview changes instantly. And inspect and change any property of the HTML element in Live View, and see how it looks without refreshing anything.
Adobe Flash Professional CC
Export any frame in a project to SVG. Draw strokes and adjust the width at any point, just like in Illustrator. Add shape tweens to a variable-width stroke. Control the properties, color effects, and transformations for your motion tweens. And publish animations to the Web Graphics Library (WebGL) format.
So much more
Take advantage of dozens of improvements in other Creative Cloud apps such as Adobe Audition, SpeedGrade, Prelude, Edge Animate, and InCopy. Test-drive a host of new mobile apps that let you sketch, draw, and edit photos on the go. And stay connected to your creative identity with easy access to your files, fonts, colors, community, and collaborators from your favorite Adobe desktop apps, mobile apps, and services.

Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.

A better way of working together.
Adobe Creative Cloud for teams connects the very latest Creative Cloud desktop apps, mobile apps, and services with your assets and community so your team can create its greatest work and collaborate effortlessly—all for one affordable and predictable price.

Get 100GB of file storage per seat, share files and folders, maintain versions, choose the people you want to work with, and capture all activity in one place. Benefit from exclusive one-to-one access to Adobe’s Expert Services support team. Plus, leverage centralized admin tools that make it easy to purchase, deploy, and manage Creative Cloud along with the changing needs of your team.

Creative Cloud for teams is available via two plans—complete and single app.

Benefits of Creative Cloud for teams

Creative Cloud for teams gives small to midsize business customers continuous access to the latest Adobe creative
technology by offering:

  • Innovation—Get all the latest Creative Cloud desktop apps, including your favorites such as Adobe Photoshop,
    Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as connected mobile apps and services and instant access to new features as
    soon as they become available.
  • Collaboration—Work smarter with 100GB of cloud storage, file sharing and versioning, and the ability to
    capture all the activity related to your projects in one place.
  • Learning—Access a library of Creative Cloud Learn tutorials and videos to get up to speed quickly, and gain
    exclusive access to Adobe’s Expert Services support team.
  • Administration—Easily add, track, and assign seats across your organization and manage compliance with the
    intuitive administrator’s console. Centrally deploy and update all Creative Cloud apps, or a customized subset,
    with Creative Cloud Packager.
  • Budget predictability—Take advantage of annual plans that give creative teams access to all Creative Cloud
    tools or a single application of their choice, for one low, predictable price. And get all feature updates at no
    additional cost.

Adobe Creative Cloud for Teams - the world's best suite of content creation tools!!

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