Which is the Best RAID level for Video Editing and Post Production? (Part One): Running the Numbers

wolfcrow by Sareesh Sudhakaran

There are three ways to make a decision on the best RAID level for your video editing and post production needs:

  • Gut feeling or instinct – also called an impulse buy.
  • Years of first-hand experience running various RAID levels and systems.
  • Analyzing available data to find the best odds for each RAID level.

    The first-time RAID buyer should attempt to understand the complexity that goes into selecting the ‘right’ option. Too often something that looks good today will prove totally inadequate tomorrow. Those who cannot fathom or don’t want to deal with the complexity will rely on opinions or their gut feeling (If you read too many third-party opinions you’ll be more confused than ever!). You could get lucky or unlucky. The sad part is you don’t have a say in the matter either way.

    If you have years of first-hand experience you wouldn’t be looking for an answer anyway. You’re already convinced about what’s best for you. This article explores the last option. Who’s it for?

    I will focus on the small business post facility or single video editor. If you want to know the real-world numbers behind each RAID configuration, and are not afraid to get a bit technical to arrive at the best solution for your needs, then you will enjoy reading this article. You will ultimately do as your personality and situation dictates. I couldn’t find a similar resource to the one I’m about to show you, so I put it together. read more...

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