Which PTZ Camera is Best for Your NDI Production? - NDI November 2023

Join us for the journey through the cutting-edge world of production technology in this episode of NDI November, hosted by Jim. Join us as we uncover the extraordinary synergy between NDI technology and PTZ cameras, unlocking a realm of possibilities that redefine content creation.

Connecting Worlds with NDI and PTZ:
In this installment, Jim dives deep into the seamless integration of NDI technology, demonstrating how PTZ cameras, with their dynamic pan, tilt, and zoom capabilities, elevate production quality to unprecedented heights. Learn how a single Cat5/Cat6 ethernet cable becomes the conduit for transmitting audio, video, control protocols, and power, streamlining workflows and maximizing efficiency.

Visual Mastery at Your Fingertips:
Explore the transformative impact of NDI technology on production quality. With every camera becoming accessible across the network and centralized control at your fingertips, content creators can unleash a new era of visual storytelling. Stay tuned for insights from Dr. Andrew Crush, a luminary in the field, as he discusses the development and the exciting future of NDI technology.

Why Choose PTZ Cameras with NDI Technology?
-Effortless multi-camera operations, even in a single-camera shoot.
-Create captivating shots and presets with unparalleled ease.
-Enhance your production toolkit with NDI decoders for overflow rooms or IMAD projections.

PTZ Cameras with NDI Technology:
Delve into the myriad advantages of choosing PTZ cameras integrated with NDI technology, from effortless multi-camera operations in a single-camera shoot to the ability to craft captivating shots and presets with unparalleled ease. Learn how NDI decoders extend the reach to overflow rooms and IMAD projections, expanding the scope of your production capabilities.

BirdDog PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/birddog
Full NDI on a chip. They started with NDI converters and then put the chip into PTZ cameras and now have a full PTZ line with the tools like Color, Central and the BirdDog Cloud to complete a full NDI production.​

Canon PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/canon
Known for the Canon Color Science and image stabilization their PTZ cameras, Studio cameras, mirrorless and DSLRs can all be optically controlled to be used together.​

JVC PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/jvc-professional-video
ConnectCam systems include PTZ cameras, studio handheld cameras and now a turnkey Connected Cam production system with vMix.​

Marshall PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/marshall-electronics
New PTZ cameras with NDI|HX 3 complemented by a line of lipstick and box cameras with NDI allowing you even more flexible installations.​

Panasonic Connect PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/panasonic
One of the oldest brands to first start producing PTZ cameras and known for their smooth robotics and operations. You’ll see their flagship cameras like the UE150 and 160 mounted in Broadway theaters and many other large venues.​

PTZOptics PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/ptzoptics
One of the most affordable PTZ camera lines available and the first to take Conference Room cameras and upgrade them with the Optical image quality required for live productions.​

Vizrt PTZ Cameras 🞂 https://videoguys.com/collections/vizrt
Yes, That’s right… the company that created NDI and the maker of the TriCaster has some PTZ cameras of their own and they’re perfect for your productions.​

Learn more about NDI November 🞂 https://ndinovember.com/

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