Which TriCaster is Right for You - Download the Guide


Whether you’re just getting started in webstreaming, or you’re producing a large, multi-camera event, there’s a TriCaster that’s perfect for your productions. Download our guide to explore the capabilities for each model and discover which system best fits your needs.

Start Simple
TriCaster 40

TriCaster 40

GREAT FOR: Slimmed-down video programs with a small handful of cameras nearby, and some "wow factor" effects added for extra punch
POPULAR WITH: Local stations on a tight budget, A/V libraries and classrooms, bloggers, wedding videographers, small businesses, youth athletics, community agencies, auditoriums, small houses of worship
Go Live
TriCaster 410

TriCaster 410

GREAT FOR: Delivering mid-sized webcasts and events with SDI cameras and TV-style production visuals; streamed or aired live, or saved to the drive, and done
POPULAR WITH: Live event webcasters, videoconference studios, business meeting and event video staffs, streaming media pros and mid-size worship producers
Get Mobile
TriCaster 460

TriCaster 460

GREAT FOR:: Capturing and producing moderate-scale shows anywhere, with prepackaged b-roll, eye-popping effects, and quick post production turnaround
POPULAR WITH: Mobile producers, corporate video departments, local TV stations, high school sports, corporate HR and training departments, state government, college stadiums, mid to advanced worship, school districts, distance learning
Go Viral
TriCaster 860

TriCaster 860

GREAT FOR:: Full sized live action, with an abundance of angles, visual wizardry, post tools, and coverage to serve the large audiences you’ve amassed
POPULAR WITH: Large broadcasters, Internet TV shows, meeting and event pros, studios, federal agencies, large arenas and ballparks, megachurches, sports leagues and conferences

NewTek Tricaster 40 with Version 2 Software Upgrade Bundle

NewTek TriCaster 410

NewTek TriCaster 460 with Control Surface

NewTek TriCaster 860 with Control Surface and Media Drives

Broadcast, stream, publish, project, and record - simultaneously.
The most complete multi-camera video production system on the planet.
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